Wavy Baby Ring
Wavy Baby Ring

Wavy Baby Ring

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A sterling silver, real gold dipped ring that is FULLY adjustable?! Yes, we did that! Let's be real, a little too many tacos or margaritas and our fingers are swollen the next day. That's why our rings can be made smaller or larger- because your ring should fit YOU no matter what. 

These real 14k gold, sterling silver base rings are super weightless- so you'll feel like they're barely there. Stack a bunch or keep it simple with one. Our rings are sure to be your new favorite accessories!

The Baesics:

  • Fully adjustable sizing
  • Weightless, "barely there" feel
  • Non-tarnish, waterproof
  • Features a chic "wave" design
  • 925 sterling silver, 14k real gold