About Us

Accessories that take your outfit from basic to...BAESIC! 

House of Baesics is not just another accessory or lifestyle brand. I'm writing this in the first person because this brand is a true reflection of my own personal style, and unique personality. My name is Taylor Wharton, I'm the founder and owner of House of Baesics- a lifestyle and accessory brand that believes in empowering people to feel confident in who they are.


Whether we're out with friends or running errands, someone's necklace, hat, sunglasses, or apparel might catch your eye. This is how we often create conversations and relationships with people, by just giving a simple compliment. But giving a compliment says so much more about who you are on the inside, and this is why I created House of Baesics. I wanted to create a brand that provides you trendy, affordable (yet high quality) lifestyle accessories that spark relationships, human connection, and empower each other through the power of a compliment. 


I hope you love each and every piece that I've put my heart and soul into curating for you. The next time you wear a House of Baesics accessory, I hope it makes you feel as beautiful as you truly are, and that you radiate that energy to others around you. I encourage you to give someone a simple compliment today, and spread the love and positivity our world deserves.


Each month, I choose a new charity to give back to with each order I receive. It is so important to me that I am able to give back to charities and causes near and dear to my heart while building House of Baesics from the ground up. 


Thank you for choosing House of Baesics, I'm so happy you're here.